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Summer Supervisor Job Description


To apply, email sfleming@oneroofptbo.ca by 8pm on Sunday, May 24th. You must include a cover letter with your resume. Applications without a cover letter will not be considered. In your cover letter, please state which of the positions you are applying for and state your availability for a video chat interview on May 28th or  29th, 2020.


Ministry Position Title: Summer Supervisor (3)


Term of Office: Three eight (8) week positions are available


Position A:      June 1st to July 24th

                        Wednesday-Sunday 9am-4pm 

                        Total 35 hours per week for eight weeks


Position B:      July 27th to September 18th

                        Wednesday-Sunday 9am-4pm 

                        Total 35 hours per week for eight weeks


Position C:      September 21st to November 13th

                         Wednesday-Sunday 9am-4pm 

                         Total 35 hours per week for eight weeks


Changes to the schedule above may be considered upon request; for reasons such as school or other employment. 


Supervision and Support: Reports to: One Roof Community Centre Program Coordinator

Purpose of the position:

The Summer Supervisor’s role is to keep One Roof Community Centre running smoothly by supervising volunteers in delivery of meals and other programming, serving a to go meal daily and developing new safe ways we can support our community due to COVID-19.  Summer Supervisors will be cross-trained in all areas of operations (including in kitchen). Our objective of these Summer Supervisor positions is to identify good fits for future relief and regular staff.

These positions are funded in part through the Canada Summer Jobs program. Candidates must satisfy Canada Summer Jobs’ eligibility criteria. Candidates must be between 15 and 30 years old at the start of employment. There are no requirements to be returning to school. 

Population(s) served: People who have found themselves food insecure.

Duties & Responsibilities:

• Support in meal preparation.

• Supervise volunteers and placement students.

• Work with Program Coordinator to develop checklists and procedures.

• Keep in contact with volunteers about changes in policies and any concerns or issues that arise.

• Maintain daily records.

• Supervise service of meals to guests, in a to go meal format outside 

• Develop ways in which guests can engage in One Roof at various levels due to COVID-19

• Work with Program Coordinator and staff to identify opportunities for guest connections to other agencies and services.

• Attend staff meetings as directed.

• Attend additional staff training and read supplied materials.

• Assist in other duties as needed.

Skills, Experience and Qualities Required:

• A passion to work with marginalized people.

• A compassionate outlook and caring disposition.

• Strong interpersonal skills, good listening skills, ability to build relationships easily.

• A willingness to grow and learn.

• Training and/or experience in working with marginalized people.

• An ability to communicate with both church and non-church communities.

• An ability to communicate well with people.

• Experience in working with volunteers.

• The ability to set and maintain personal and professional boundaries.

• The ability to take initiative as well as work in a team environment.

• The ability to participate and represent One Roof in professional settings such as meetings.


• A general knowledge of agencies and services in Peterborough that exist to serve those who are homeless and/or marginalized.

• A general knowledge of systemic causes and issues around homelessness and food insecurity in Canada, Ontario and Peterborough.

• Some understanding of addictions, and harm reduction approaches to serving those with addictions.

• A knowledge and acceptance of the mission and values that guide One Roof Community Centre 

Support, Supervision and Evaluation:

• Performance reviews will be conducted by the supervisors.

• Participation in regular staff meetings as directed

Limits of the position:

• Comply with the Responsible Ministry: Screening in Faith Policy, Diocese of Toronto’s Sexual Misconduct Policy and must clear CPIC check.

• Comply with all policies governing confidentiality.

• Comply with Peterborough Health Units Food Handlers protocols.

Terms of work/service:

Three eight-week contracts available (start and end dates set out above)

Five seven-hour shifts per week (start and end times set out above)

$15.50 per hour plus vacation pay

Training provided:

• Position-specific training (prerequisite)

• In-Service training (on-going as needed)

• Diocesan Sexual Misconduct training

Position Risk Assessment: High

Benefits & Opportunities:

• To be a part of making a difference for marginalized people in Peterborough.

• To be a part of changing the conversation around poverty in Peterborough.

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